Sunday, March 20, 2011

30 Days of Lists

I recently came across the idea of a 30 day list challenge while reading one of my favorite blogs, Arvonia, and wanted to give it a try. I'm an avid list keeper and I've been in the mood to do some collaging so this should be a fun project. Below is my binder and day one. Stay tuned for more!


List Ideas

* Recipes to Try
* Art to Make
* Places to Visit
* Music to Download
* Books to Read
* Reasons to Be Thankful
* Goals to Reach
* Bonds to Strengthen
* Projects to Tackle
* Limits to Break

Day 1 Podcasts to Check-Out

* Derby Deeds
* Decoder Ring Theatre
* Liberation Fairtrade
* Spanish Pod 101
* Science Friday

More list ideas here

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