Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nica Via Masaya

We hopped a chicken bus bound for Masaya. Another re-occurring character, we sat down next to Alex, our would be travel buddy in Granada. It was a two hour bus ride and I stood for most of it because it was almost easier than being crushed into a seat. To give you an idea of the price of travel in Nica, the cost was about 35 Cordobas (less than $2.00). We took a cab from the drop-off stop (no bus stations here) and hopped a cab to the Fruti Fruit shop where we found a place to stay. Masaya is not a tourist destination, so it had a much different feel from any other places that we stayed. We checked out the main park and took in some people watching. The use of the park spaces after dark is truly one of my favorite aspects of the Nica culture. The congregating and community interaction is so beautiful...all after the sun goes down and the heat is once again tolerable.

The next day, we spent our leftover travel funds at the market and found plenty of goodies to take home. I sacrificed half of my clothes to make room for two hammocks and several gifts in my pack.

We also toured Coyotepe, an amazingly creepy fortress that was used as a political prison during the most recent civil war. The video below was recently filmed there for an episode of Ghost Hunters International.

We left for Managua around 9:00pm, took in our final Tona at the airport and hopped the overnight flight back to the States.

I loved everything about Nicaragua and can't wait to return.

Hasta Luego, 


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