Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nica Via San Juan del Sur Parte Tres

Today we went kayaking in the Pacific to make up for the missed chance to surf. 
Then we grabbed the shuttle out to Pitaya Fest 2011. The festival grounds were magnificent and there was a great mixture of travelers, locals, and surfers. As well as plenty of skate boarding, hooping, and beautiful people. 
When we first arrived, I stumbled upon a huge group of locals watching a cock fight. I tried to give it a chance with a "While in Rome" attitude, but neither my heart nor stomache could handle it. Sorry, no pics available. The dancing began and we danced to some Nica rock bands playing Doors covers (in English) and some jamtronica with fire dancers. It was an amazing night and a great way to end our stay in San Juan del Sur. 

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