Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nica Via Ometepe Parte Dos

I awoke to the most amazing view outside of my mosquito net...native flowers, fruit trees & the rising sun. I had no idea how windy the mornings could be on the island. It is difficult to explain but the casita is in no way completely enclosed. The walls don't meet the roof and the tops of the windows do not meet the window sills. You are truly in nature and nature is truly in the casita. Mosquito nets are a must for a good night of rest.
There is nothing like a fresh breakfast with fruit found growing on the path to the kitchen area. It just doesn't get any fresher.
We left for a long walk to Meridan, a little town on the Maderis side of the island. By a little town, I mean a few houses and a hostel. We heard a rumor somewhere during our walk that a rodeo was coming to the island. We happened to hop a bus that was full of Nica rodeo goers. 
Young and old, they were pumped for some action. We opted out of going to the actual rodeo, but saw it on a tv a few days later and it was pretty gruesome stuff, compared to the rodeos in Western KS. Instead, we walked along the mango lined roads with pigs, roosters, and random children trailing.

On the way home, we hit the beach!

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