Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nica Via Ometepe Parte Tres

I woke to the sun and a fierce wind blowing through my net. It was warm and sunny again, a welcomed break from yesterday's rainy weather. An amazing shower with a gecko crawling across the floor, the breeze flowing through the shower hut, and a backgrop of Volcan Maderas in the distance. I ate my breakfast on a shoreline boulder, caught some nature shots, then off for some journaling from the hammock. 

We headed out later in the day to Ojo de Agua, a fresh water swimming hole with the clearest spring0fed water I've ever seen. Natural beauty shared by backpackers and locals alike. 
Remember those pigs pictured above? Well those mango eating cuties make for sweet ham. The pig roast later in the night was beyond amazing. 

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