Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nica Via San Juan del Sur

I awoke early for coffee at El Gato Negro, a hip little coffee house and used bookstore. I caught myself up on the political happenings in Nica,(which was incredibly alarming), and picked up a couple books to get more of a historical understanding of the FSLN party.
We switched hostels and geared up for the hike up to Jesus. He was a pretty cool guy and worth the very difficult hike.
More napping, beachs, and running into friends from Ometepe and Granada. 
We met some US expats running Bar Republika, visited with them, played with their dog, and ruled a jenga tower.
We checked out open mic night, unexpectedly reunited with another huge group of friends from Ometepe while walking on the beach, and turned in to rest for another awesome day.

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