Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nicaragua Via Laguna de Apoyo

No entry was made in my travel journal for this day, so trying to trace back. I'm assuming that the night before was one of the fun ones. If I remember correctly, this was the night that we were hanging out on the rooftop of our hostel, checking out the constellations with our new Canadian friends. Anyways, my camera tells me that this was the day that we took a day trip up to Laguna de Apoyo. We met an Austrian and Australian duo on the ride. The Austrian was a "realist" who believed that all things were possible with a little ambition...even swimming a tray full of drinks out to our dock, in a 200 meter deep volcanic crater.

We headed back to the city and up to the bell tower to watch the sunset and catch some amazing rooftop shots. 
Nighttime in Parque Central was a wonderful people watching opportunity. The park is lined with mango trees and vendors. Families head to the park after dark to socialize and enjoy the break from the heat. 
We met up with a group of students from a Costa Rican Spanish school. We hung at the awesome, Hostel Oasis and made plans to travel with them to the island the next day.

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