Thursday, March 31, 2011

Studio Makeover

My favorite thing about my studio is the flexibility that the space offers. While I’ve made good use of this area and I have found an abundance of creativity here, I feel that it’s lacking. I’m excited to start brainstorming, budgeting, and re-organizing. Here are some pics of the current state of the Spec-ta-cles studio.
Like: This faces the window and is a cozy little nook
              Dislike: My back is to the rest of the room
Like: My reading space
        Dislike: Need for window treatments, placement of the chair
Like: That this gives color to the room
Dislike: The waste of space which, the supplies could be hung
Like: Everything about this door
Dislike: What lurks behind the door (lack of organization)
Like: The hammock will remain,I have bought a new one since this pic
               Dislike: Need to reposition for comfort
Like: My sales wall
Dislike: When I can't rotate them out faster

I'll keep you posted on the process and as always, send me suggestions, comments, and feedback!

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